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- - - 15/7 - 29/7/2014

Treasure in Tower of Darkness Event

In this event, you will be able to get various items, including the exclusive M10 card, by using the item "The Ark of Law". You can find this item from the map "Tower of Darkness", which is the 3rd area of The AngelLand. All quests from this area with rarity 5 (5☆) or above will give you one of these boxes (at the end of the quest).
Using this item in the Quest area will give you one of the following quests. You can then complete the quest to get items, or send the quest to your friend using the "Gift" function.
List of quests (some of the quests have more then one route, but the items obtainable are the same):
Hidden Room of the Tower #1 - First Aid 3, Time Slip
#2 - First Aid 1, First Aid 5
#3 - First Aid 1, Fairy's Potion
#4 - White Heath 1, White Heath 3
#5 - First Aid 3, First Aid 10
#6 - Fairy's Potion, Ancient Potion
#7 - First Aid 5, Elixir
#8 - White Heath 3, Lucky Clover
#9 - M10 card "Astaroth -Ark Guardian-", which contain a story of Grunwald and Donita
#10 - Mini Closet


You may also want to complete the following achievements in these 2 weeks to earn more awards:
- Duel 10 times in "Alexandre" Channel" - Fragment of Memory
- Duel 20 more times in "Alexandre" Channel" - Fragment of Time
- Duel 30 more times in "Alexandre" Channel" - Fragment of Soul
- Acquire the M10 card "Astaroth -Ark Guardian-" - Priceless Remedy
- Defeat the boss "Astaroth -Ark Guardian-" of Tower of Darkness - Avatar items "Yellow Raincoat" and "Yellow Rain Boots"
[this achievement is not time-limited, and you can complete this after these 2 weeks]