This page provides tables which help converting characters' birth date from French Republican Calendar (FRC) to Gregorian Calendar.

Reason on why Republican Calendar for Year I, II, III, V, VI and VII is Used
Official Calendar 2015

Official monthly calendar for year 2015.

When we check official calendar,
Archibald's DOT icon ArchibaldDOT appeared on 19 October.

Under FRC month Vendémiaire, first month of the year,
there are three possible dates for 19 October - 26, 27 and 28.

Since the day shown in his profile page is 28,
therefore the Republican Calendar for year I, II, III, V, VI and VII should be used during conversion.

How to UseEdit

Instructions Example
1. Click on respective character's profile page. Melen's Page
2. Check the birthday (誕生日) section,
the one which contains Japanese (kanji) and Arabic number at the same time.
3. Go to first section of this page to find respective season and month in FRC by checking kanji. Brumaire (Autumn)
4. Click on respective season sub-page under second section and find corresponding FRC month. Autumn's Section
5. Check upper number line and find Arabic number listed in official profile page. 10
6. Mark the number right under targeted Arabic number as that character birthday. 31 October

Converting Months from KanjiEdit

Month in Kanji (Image) FRC JP 01 FRC JP 02 FRC JP 03
Month in Kanji (Text) 葡萄月 霧月 霜月
Month in French Vendémiaire Brumaire Frimaire
Month in Kanji (Image) FRC JP 04 FRC JP 05 FRC JP 06
Month in Kanji (Text) 雪月 雨月 風月
Month in French Nivôse Pluviôse Ventôse
Month in Kanji (Image) FRC JP 07 FRC JP 08 FRC JP 09
Month in Kanji (Text) 芽月 花月 牧草月
Month in French Germinal Floréal Prairial
Month in Kanji (Image) FRC JP 10 FRC JP 11 FRC JP 12
Month in Kanji (Text) 収穫月 熱月 果実月
Month in French Messidor Thermidor Fructidor

Date Conversion Sorted based on SeasonEdit

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