This page briefly explains how you can prevent from facing the copyright issue related to this game.
Note 1 : Only main point are being translated, AND translated briefly. (i.e. not word by word)
Note 2 : Those numbers behind translations refers to the time of original posts.

Issue on Distribution of Rare card storiesEdit

Basically, study / research on R cards are all allowed. (14:34:34)
Sharing among a closed community is OKAY, yet posting whole context on external websites are NOT allowed since this act causes copyright infringement. (14:54:54)
Further elaboration / clarification on what would cause copyright infringement.

  1. Disclosure of whole story content to general public, or
  2. Beyond the usage of Article 32 (Quotation) of "Copyright Act of Japan," or
  3. Summaries which are not appeared to be adaptations. (19:49:23)

All kinds of studies and discussions are allowed besides those mentioned above since We treat these cases as reviews. (19:49:49)

Issue on Rare card's Discussion with SpoilersEdit

Be considerate, because thare are people who don't want being spoilered, and there is possibility of affecting others' interest when they wanted reading whole stories on their own. (19:53:06)
Please don't spoiler without warnings, especially on game chats, twitter, or message boards. (19:53:23)
Exceptional cases:

  1. Closed communities which allow spoilers, and
  2. External websites which did write spoiler warnings. (19:53:41)