Darkroom is a place where players can use Darkroom Tickets to exchange various items in form of lucky draw.

How to Obtain Darkroom TicketsEdit

Currently, there are four ways to obtain Darkroom Tickets.

Using Facebook Credits / real-life money

You can purchase Darkroom Tickets directly from left bottom corner of darkroom, or "Facebook Credit" section of Item Shop.

Login Bonus

There is a possibility of getting a Darkroom Ticket each day. Please refer to Login Bonus for more details.


Example include dueling (PvP) for 7 consecutive days and completing a quest from the area of your current progress for 7 consecutive days. Please refer to Achievements for more details.

Treasure Quests

Contents of Lucky DrawEdit

You can always preview what you may get by hovering over the three icons before you draw. The list below is made basded on the FB-en version.
Terms in RED are Items, GREEN are weapons, and those in BLUE are Event Cards. You may look at the three pages for more information.

Darkroom Content TEMP