This page translates Japanese version of description and intros in-game.
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Official Game Description[1]Edit

The Saint "Goddess of Fire" who was living in "Mountains of Madness" has established an army of the decedents which aimed on taking revenge.
Players are creatures made by "Goddess of Fire" which were similar to dolls.
She tried to gether the braves with regards in Mundane World, so that they can be the force which captures living world.
Under this world which is full of war and chaos, there are decedents with ranges of past that grouped together.
Suicided, Murdered, Noble, Slumdog, Criminal...
In order to return Mundane World, these men with different backgrounds & pasts gathered and associated with Cailleach and creatures she created...
The main story is focused on "The Saint real purpose", "Can they return to Mundane World?", "Relationships between braves and players", "The appearance of new Force", etc.

Opening Intro (Goddess of Fire version)Edit

Wake up. Wake up. TheSaint
My avidyā child.
Now I give you a mission.
My rage shall burn the world.
Choose your herald.
At the time he returned from Underworld, he will become the Ruler of Darkness.
However, in order to reborn in Mundane World, a guider is needed.
You have to comply with his wish, and follow him.
Help him going back to the Mundane World successfully.

Opening Intro (Blau version)[2]Edit

20141020064907%21BlauP.png Good evening, missy.
I am the servant of Ms. Saint, and the name is Blau.
I act as an assistant during your mission.
What Ms. Saint said might beyond your understanding, therefore please allow me to elaborate more closely.
Actually, the braves you have choosen were dead in Mundane World. StoryA
These powerful decedents are summoned to this "Shadow Realm" because of Ms. Saint's mercy.
They existed in soul form and did not know why they die.
You must accompany them to remember their regards.
StoryB If they can remember the memories right before their dead,
they can reborn as "Agent of the Saint" and return to Mundane World.
They will rule the whole world and consecrate everything to Ms. Saint.
Please use the identity "Saint's Child" & "Guider of the Brave" and lead them to a illuminative way.

Official Introduction Comics Part 1Edit

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Footnote and ReferenceEdit

  1. Available in initial Japanese server - Yahoo! mobage
  2. This can be found in game tutorial.