Orang BrownDOTOrangDOT Orang D.O.B.(FRC) Prairial 27 Blood Type ---



D.O.B.(A.D.) Jun 15 Height 160 cm
Birthplace Rosenburg Weight 110 kg
Hobby Fruit Picking
Title The Bear An acolyte in the shape of a beast. He is an acrobatic bear as well as a mascot.
JP Name オウラン
CN Name 奧蘭
Ways to Obtain
L1 Darkroom (Time-Limited*), Achievements (Now Unavailable)
L2 Level up: Orang L1 *2
L3 Level up: Orang L2 *4
L4 Level up: Orang L3 *6
L5 Level up: Orang L4 *12
Duel Quotes
General Quotes
I, getting hungry.
Ahh, what's this?
I'm more commendable than lino!
Hmm... so troublesome.
How rude you are. I'll crush you!
Character Specific Quotes
  • What are you aimlessly doing? You're the only able to save him! -vs. Walken
  • How long we haven't stand against each other like this? -vs Melen
  • Is your head in the clouds? You're the only one who can save that person. -vs Walken
  • Your whip and me, I wonder which side is more powerful... -vs Rood
  • You and me, who is stronger, I wonder. -vs Voland
  • Ohh, so you join this battle too? -vs Blau
  • Ah, who are you? Seemed saw you somewhere before.-vs Birgit

Character StatsEdit



One of the circus performances - Ball Riding.

Phase Move Phase
Cards 2^ Special, Move=0
Range Short Middle Long Short Middle Long
Effect After the Range being decided by counting MOV from both sides, you move to a different Range by random.
Your opponent take 1 direct damage for each block moved.

Effect 1 direct damage for moving 1 range and 2 direct damages for moving 2 range.


  • Orang moves after the opponent's move phase. (e.g Sprout uses her first skill and Orang moves AFTER she has used)
(e.g Evarist uses 1 move card to go to close range, and Orang activates his skill to move to either mid/long range
  • Direct damage dealt is based only on the distance Orang moves.
  • Orang will not stay in the same spot if Ball Riding is used. However, if the opponent moves to another range Orang can move back to his original position.


Produce dissonant chords with the small piano.

Phase Defense phase
Cards 1^ Sword, 3^ Defense
Range Short Middle Long Short Middle Long
Effect DEF +2 or +3. Your opponent receives [ATK- (number of cards he plays)] (2 turns, including this turn).

Effect - DEF +2.DEF +3.

Note: The lowered attack affects the opponent during the opponent's attack phase as well.


The fire hoop performance which might also burn himself.

Phase Attack Phase
Cards 2^ Sword, 2^ Gun, 1^ Move
Range Short Middle Long Short Middle Long
Effect ATK + [your opponent's decreased (ATK + DEF) value from his statuses].
You and your opponent discard all but 4 (or 3) of the cards in your hands.

Effect - Discard all but 4 of the cards in your handsDiscard all but 3 of the cards in your hands

Note: [Disability] is equivalent to "ATK -1, DEF -1" in the calculation of this skill.


All emotion is turned to anger. Use superhuman strength to devastate opponent.

Phase Attack Phase
Cards 4^ Sword, 4^ Gun
Range Short Middle Long Short Middle Long
Effect Choose a random character in your opponent's team and reduce his HP by half (rounded up).
If your current HP is less than or equal to half of your maximum, this effect is repeated two more times.

Character Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Weapon TBA Salustiana Navelate バイアニーニャ
Orang weapon2
Orang Weapon3
Orang weapon4
Effect / Middle, Long Range ATK +2,
Middle, Long Range DEF +3
ATK +2,
DEF +1
Varied stats.,
Passive Skill: (SKILL) now requires (REQ) to activate.
Cost 0 1 1 1
Description / 黄金時代の遺産。やる気を引き出すシルクハット 刃や弾を防ぐ特殊繊維で出来たスカーフ
Way to Obtain Darkroom Achievement: Obtain the L3 card of this character within the first 2 weeks of his addition to the game. Awarded to top players on the BP Rankings each month. Weapon Fusion


  • Only brown version will be available in Darkroom at the week when his Rare Card being released.[1]
  • The Brown version of this character was designed based on Paddington Bear[2].
  • Orang's image color is Orange. [3]
  • As of 21st June, 2017, Orang is the very only character who have not got his R1 card released, despite being a relatively old character. There will be a gap of at least 985 days between the release of L5 and R1 cards, longest of all characters.



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