Event Date:

  • For JP and CN (Facebook) server: Sep - Dec 2015
  • This event is for Japanese and Chinese version of the game only

This Popularity Ranking Vote will last from September to December. You can only support one character each week (see the grouping table below). The first 8 weeks will be 1st round voting, and the 8 champions from these 8 groups will go to 2nd voting (some seeded players go to 2nd round directly). The 4 champions from the second round will go to the final.

Yahoo! Japan Niconico Japan Facebook Chinese
2015Vote YahooJP
2015Vote NiconicoJP
2015Vote FacebookCN

How to voteEdit

1. For each week, choose a character you like the most. In the Quest area there will be a new section, giving you special quests. Complete 2 quests from the character you chose, and all the score you earn for that week will go to this character.
2. Try to build a deck with the highest Cost value possible (can be higher then the limit). You don't have to use the character you chose. If you use a Monster card the Cost will not be counted. This Cost value will be the score you contribute to your character for each duel, so the higher the better.
3. When you complete a duel with that deck, you will earn that amount of score for the character. However, this only works for the first 3 duels you do each day (denoted by the 3 stars at the botton right corner). If you want to earn even more score, you can complete any Ex-quest (paid quest) using that deck.


  • For the 8 champions of 1st round voting
    • Their Rare cards will be released earlier, add Easter eggs pictures for their dolls
  • For the 4 champions of 2nd round voting
    • Avatar hand-held dolls to all players voted to them
  • For the grand winner
    • Players voted to him will have access to battle portraits for the character.

Final ResultsEdit

2015 Vote Result

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