Event date: 28 Oct - 11 Nov 2014

20141028 treasure

Duel against others to get treasure chests!Edit

Every 3 duels in Alexandre or Fornheil will reward you with a treasure chest.

Every 7 duels in Dietheim will reward you with a treasure chest.

Using a treasure chest will give you a quest which holds certain items.

Quests with MonstersEdit

Opponent's Card Reward
L5 Belinda High-Low
L5 Salgado High-Low
L5 Marseus High-Low
M1 Ubos' Claw Sands of Time
M2 Ubos' Beard First Aid 10
M3 Ubos' Tail Elixir

Quests without MonstersEdit

You can get one of any of these items

Random Coin  Sword 1-4 Gun 1-4
Defense 1-4 Special 1-3 Fairy Potion
Ancient Potion First Aid 1/3/10 Elixir
White Heath 1/3 Four leaf clover Sands of Time
Closet (+1) Darkroom Ticket -