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Unlight: SchizoChronicle is a mobile card game developed by the Japanese company Techway, which was first released in 2017. Currently, the game is available in Japanese and Traditional Chinese on both iOS and Android platforms. This Wikia aims to serve English-speaking players, helping them to understand - and enjoy - the game better.

The mobile game is based on the website version of the card game, Unlight, developed by the same company. The web version was first launched in October 2010 and was translated into different languages. It was completely closed down on 18th October 2017. This Wikia was once used for the web version of the game, and you can still check out the information about it here if you want to.

If you are new to this wiki, you may want to read and comment on our Talk Page for the updates on this wiki. You are also welcome to join our Facebook group for all English players and have fun!

The following is a message from the official. For more information about this Wikia, please read this blog post. For the past updates of this server, click here.
The Facebook International (English / French / Thai) server have been closed.


Unlight: SchizoChronicle - the spin-off mobile game - has been officially released! Please refer to the official Twitter for more information. You can download the game here.
The web version of this game is now closed.
Please read this blog post for more details.

Routine Maintenance

  • Every Friday: 15:00 - 18:00 (UTC +9)

Latest Updates (Mobile)

  • 13th Oct 2017
    • "Library" Function has been added.
    • "Red Gem" has been added to game. You can unlock characters' stories in the Library by collecting sufficient amount of Red Gem.

Last Updates (Web)

JP / CN (Facebook) server:

  • 6th Sept. 2017

Links (Unlight: SchizoChronicle)

site \ language Japanese Traditional Chinese
Download Page iOS
Official Website
Twitter None
Wiki English: Here!
Others Unlight International Community
The largest Chinese players' group on Facebook
Twitter of "Y", the Story Writer of the game
Twitter of miya, illustrator of the game

Links (Web Versions, all servers closed)

site \ language International (English / French / Thai) Japanese Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Korean
Game Page Facebook Niconico Video,
Yahoo! Mobage
Facebook Naver
Official Website
Tumblr / / /
Twitter / /
Wiki Here! Wikia,

Official Google+

Unlight International Community

Twitter of miya, illustrator of the game The largest Chinese players' group on Facebook Official Weibo Naver Cafe

Copyright (C) Techway CO.,Ltd. Images and artworks used with permission .

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