Event Period: Nov 25 to Dec 9, 2014

Verdant Demon

Gain items by accumulating quest points!

Completing quests will earn you a certain amount of quest points depending on the area the quest was from. Within this event period, searching in MoonLand, Anemonea, ShadowLand and AngelLand has a chance to find an event specific quest.


Achievement Rewards
Achieve 10 Quest Points

Ancient Potion

Sands of Time

Beach Sandals (Black)

Achieve 50 Quest Points

Fragment of Memory x2

Sunglasses (Black)

Achieve 100 Quest Points

Fragment of Time x2

Bikini Top (Black)

Achieve 300 Quest Points

Fragment of Spirit x2

Bikini Bottom (Black)

Achieve 500 Quest Points

Fragment of Life x2

El Knife

Achieve 700 Quest Points

Fragment of Death x2

El Chip

Achieve 1000 Quest Points

Chaosium x1

Cloak of the Inquisitor

Achieve 2000 Quest Points

Ice Sword

Small Closet

Achieve 3000 Quest Points

Water Gun

Small Closet