Event date for EN server: 11 Nov - 25 Nov 2014

20141111 whiteday

Join the fight to get White Day Cards! Complete the achievements and earn various items

White Day Cards have been inserted into the high-low rewards at various ☆s. Use the cards to gain invitation quests. Completing these quests will reward you with avatar parts from that path's character as well as various items!

There are three paths for this event, and all 3 can be done simultaneously. They are Jead, Izac and Salgado.

Achievement Reward
Complete 3 "Invitation from X" quests

X's Shoes

Ancient Potion

Complete 7 more "Invitation from X" quests

X's Pants

Morpheus' Door

Complete 10 more "Invitation from X" quests

X's Top

Small Closet

Complete 30 more "Invitation from X" quests Character Specific Weapon

Completing all 3 paths will reward you with an Aesculapus' Draught

There are also achievements for completing a certain amount of duels.

Achievement Reward
Complete 3 Duels Max's Hood
Complete 5 more Duels Salgado's Hood
Complete 7 more Duels Browning's Attache Case
Complete 15 more Duels Walken's Coffin